Happy New Year (to me). Well, this is my last year in this peaceful and away-from-my-parents university. Frankly, I m still in my holiday mood and i can imagine this time watching Sinetron Assalamualaikum Cinta while dreaming about Richard Kevin!

Bhahaha, too perfect to be missed lor! I said to my Mom that if I ever crossed over him I would probably say "Ini malaikat ke manusia?" Hehe, too good to be true but WHO CARES, RITE? Ok, let's forget about it. There are so many things to think about, other than RK(only).
For this semester, I got to move up to the top level of this lovely block. It's great actually and I like it. Every time I wake up, I can see orange roof top, green forest and blue sky. This is what I always wanted.

I m living with the same roommate, but last night she said about moving to another college(room). Well, I m not really surprise actually because this college is quite far from the faculty and we have to take the bus. That's the main reason. If you ever late, so you have to wait another 30 minutes. Just imagine arrive at class 30++ minutes later than the lecturer. What a good day! But to me, I take it as a challenge and I am used to it (never heard any student of this college die because of this issue). It's all about think positively and live your life to the fullest. Chaiyok!

About my registration which was not that easy and not that troubled too. No 8 a.m class as well as 8 p.m which means I can jog and exercise every morning (is that the real me? Thehehe!). On the other hand, I got a class every SUNDAY 4 to 7 p.m.. That's really really really great!! For God sake, don't you have any interesting activity to do instead of giving lecture? Well, maybe I have to be a lecturer so that I will be able to feel the excitement of working on Sunday. Pheww!

I have joined the Business Club last year. At that time I was appointed as Vice Secretary and that was my choice because I think it's much better than becoming a Treasurer. I do like money but when it comes to THAT kind of money, SORRY I am not interested. So I agreed when they proposed me the Vice Secretary position. Easier than managing those money and accounts, I guessed. Then, last night we had a meeting to discuss about M3P which is "Minggu Pengenalan Persatuan Pelajar" and there were only five of us including two new committees. This is the main problem - COMMITMENT. The worst thing is the Head Secretary wasn't there without even one reason and Kimmy, the President of this club said she had never reply any message or call. So with her commitment problem, I was appointed as the Head Secretary to replace her! What the....!

Again, I have to say it's easier than managing those money and accounts!