before this a friend of mine taught me about copying whatever you see on your lappy screen and paste it into Microsoft Word. actually during that time, we were required to do the comparison between Air Asia and Firefly websites in terms of the level of user-friendliness (whether they are convenient for customer to use it or not)

thus below are the simple guides that she told me which i still remember until now:

  • oke, mula-mula tekan butang fn dengan prt sc kat keyboard tu serentak
  • pastu bukak Word
  • then ko paste aje
  • settle!
  • senang, kan?
My first trial (looks slightly like this: a bit different view with my old lappy)

i was like 'woooah, senang aje! best jugak buat kerja ni ek...!

well that's me, i love to learn something new (that i interested to do so...well, it is not applied for mathematic or calculation!) and do it repeatedly so then i could remember every single step of doing it. 

well, my parents fall under the computer illiterate category (and me too: back to years before). in fact i started exploring and using the so called internet when i was fourteen because our ustaz (Ustaz Daniel) directed (i use the word "directed" because i were forced to do so..well a computer illiterate always say NO to such task!) us to do lots of PRB (Program Rancangan Belajar, kot). besides i also got influenced by my friends (chatting was like a must-do hobby during that time via Kampungchat) whom made me became a cybercafe addict! (but not that bad la because my parents limit my social life: well, that was good la kan)

ok let's forget about my past (because i was nearly tell about him again. sheesh!). back to the story, since blogging is my NGH (Non-profit Giler Habit) lately so i questioned myself: how do i do the same thing but not into Microsoft Word. that is to paste it into my blog? i tried so many times but i was not be able to do that. the screen that i copied was not there. well, there must be a way, i guessed. so as usual, i went to the google-massive-store and looking for the solution of my self-created problem. haha! 

Tips: just key in whatever form of word that came a cross your mind

then i found this:

How to Use the Print Screen Function in the Vista Operating System
see? it is easy right? i m not trying to say that i m great of doing things without asking others to help me but i do admit that sometimes i have to learn, i have to find anything that i need to know on my own because people (friends) are not always have so much time to spare entirely for us especially when it comes to such leceh-remeh-hek-elleh thing (kind of being a berdikari girl la maksudnya kan)

iya, betul...trust me. the degree of your satisfaction will tell you how great it is when you found it by using your own effort. feels like posting this line "ow yeah, i did it my way: frank sinatra" on your facebook! (but luckily i did not do that. jakun!)

so, chill! =)

p/s: my mom frequently asked me:
"mak pelik la, macamne dila boleh tau nak buat sume ni?"
"ala mak, blaja sendiri aje. buat-buat cuba-cuba lama-lama tau la. yang penting kena faham bahasa inggeris" 

yups, English Language is like clothes that you wear. if you know nothing about that language it means that your are wearing nothing! especially in front of the fluent-in-English speakers. plus, when a tourist asking you in English: for example about the direction of going somewhere - then you cannot speak well and....helpless as well as speechless! my my my, so bad huh? (from my point of view)

by the way i m not saying that Bahasa Melayu has no value. in fact i m proud of being a Typical Malay Girl. cewah, typical seh!

so just try to use that language: try to read as well as speak and write (even with Rojak or whatever it being called) because one day you will notice that your English level are getting improved (at least you try!)

plus if you can understand what you hear, what you see, what you read: then it can be said as OK la if you want to survive in this world

p/s: i need to enroll myself to English Language Course! well, it is all about money, la. one day...yeah. ONE DAY.