1. Enraged - Monthly, PAID. but still SLOW! what the cat?!
  2. THREE majoring classes have been cancelled for TWO weeks. they were like "yeah, seronoknya...hahahaha!"ohho! dont you ever think about REPLACEMENT CLASS? three times two equals SIX, ok?
  3. Consumed A LOT of junk food today. sheesh, i hate the fact that everytime i feel bored i will simply become irrational and food is the best therapy for that kind of disease. haha! luckily im not taking culinary art courses!
  4. Need more and more booster. seriously, i lost myself yet i dont want to feel regret because of not performing well during my last semester. my my my, where on earth can i find the same chipsmore (like i had before) and make me begging for more and more? (all of sudden - m.e.l.a.n.c.h.o.l.i.a)
  5. End of rambling. Nite!