My my my....having stomach ache now. maybe because lots of foods consumed lately. khahaha!

It is raining heavily outside. luckily i m home - yeah! but now i m all alone because my roommate went to her secondary school friend's open house - all this while the house lord has been closing his house. hehe, that's what my mom said about open-house culture along Syawal.)

I forgot to bring my phone USB. so meaning that there will be no cikai-phone camera picture for about 2 months. oh, who cares? by the way, one sadden incident happened when i walking on the roadside. my cikai phone fell down and got hurt! oh, poor my boy... see?

 should i start usharing this guy?
Currently i m into Japanese Manga with English translation so i consider it as part of my English Learning process lah kan. mengadanya! haha. but things that surprised me was, most of the story line is about gay. GAY okeh! hmm what the fish?!

I love my assignments. yeah, sounds unsual for me but recently i feel a sense of enjoyment (unconsciously) when i put all my efforts on those assignments especially when my lecturers require me to look for journals as my primary source. imagine, it's like you gaining your knowledge while at the same time you also looks like a postgraduate's student. haha! ok la tu kan?