Minutes ago i did some blog-walking and i found this. So i’d like to try and here we go......!

1. name one person who made you laugh last nite.
My mom, awww she never fails me!

2. what were you doing 1 hour ago?
Having my lunch while watching Twilight for the sixth i guess. Ermm...Edward Cullen!

3. what was the last thing you said out loud?
‘bawak kunci dah?’ i said it to my roommate

4. where's the next place you're going to?
Still not sure either study table or bed. Ngahaha!

5. what was the last thing you paid for?
Ikan Keli Goreng Berlada, Sambal Kentang&Tempe, Pucuk Paku Goreng, Vitagen, Mineral Water and Cikedis Super Ring. Gaaah!

6. where were you last night?
Like usual, inside my tidy room! *giggling

7. whats the best ice cream flavor?

8. do you wanna cut your hair?
Planning to have loooong hair. Not sure i can bear it or not!

9. do you love to melatah?
Oh mak kau meletup! Hahah, sometimes

10. if that so ( melatah ), what will you said out loud?
That ‘oh mak kau meletup!’. Sorry i didnt mean to cite that pray to your mom ya. Hehe

11. what does the last message you received say?
Ok. A’ah la sblm dia g lgkawi kne tnya lg skali. *there’s a story behind this actually J

12. will you get married in the future?
Yups, i hope so. Edward Cullen please!

13. do you chew on your straw?
Yups and i know it looks annoying. Well ada aku kesah? Sometimes that straw turns sweet and moist. Eeuuww! Haha!

14. do you make up your own words?
Yes and no

15. is there anyone you love right now?
“hate that i love you”