Morning.hmm today i started my day with a cup of green tea and beef&chicken kebab.such a perfect combination of healthy and unhealthy food huh?i bought the kebab yesterday at pasar malam.actually i wanted to eat it right after i finished my nasi kerabu and cendol but thank god, i didnt! :)

viewing blogs, i came across a new word that i know but actually i dont know. haha, nuts! ok the word is:

(i got this word from Diana Rikasari's blog)

as what i know, clog is stuck; which is usually can be found on the cosmetic packaging ~ unclog pores, non-comedogenic and bla bla bla. but today, i learned another meaning of CLOG which is refers to (noun) : footwear usually with wooden soles. how does it looks like eh? 


a giant clog
Jimmy Choo
Manolo Blahnik

p/s: Can i have one? But still, Amber Chia and Tengku Azura are much much much taller than me! hehe