It’s been a while since we’ve met
Your face looks good
You got prettier, you were always beautiful in my eyes
But today you look a bit different
You look especially a bit cold
Your eyes that look at me are filled with pity
In front of you, I seem smaller
I tried to be fine, trying to change the subject
Though I had so much I wanted to ask you
You cut me off right away
Your long hair flowing
As it hit my cheek and passed away
You turn away and left right away
If I try to catch you here, would that be too ridiculous?
Nothing comes to my mind
As you tremble, you take a step, two steps back
You say that I scare you now
You’re like a moon that makes me go crazy
* I love you baby I’m not a monster
You know how I was in the past
When time passes, it’ll all disappear
Then you will know baby
I need you baby I’m not a monster
You know me so don’t leave like this
If even you throw me away, I will die
I’m not a monster
No matter what happens, let’s be forever
When we’re sad, when we’re happy, let’s go till the end
You don’t say that tomorrow
Let’s love like today is the last
A life without you is like an imprisonment for life
An extinction from the world to the point where I’d go crazy
Your existence is a chronic disease, a repitition of pain
You’re a lingering attachment in my heart
The people of the world have turned their backs against me
The corners of their eyes are all twisted up
The greatest pain to me,
Is the fact that you became the same as them
* Repeat
Don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, don’t leave me
Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it, it’s not like you
Getting farther away, love is breaking apart
Don’t find me, don’t find me, don’t find me, don’t look for me
The last, last, last image of me in front of you – remember that
Don’t forget me
* Repeat
I think I’m sick
I think I’m sick
I think I’m sick
I think I’m sick
p/s: melting! :)