1. Just now, Employees Training and Development class has been cancelled. the officer told me that Dr N is not feeling well. hence another two classes for this week are also cancelled (three classes with one lecturer, wah how lucky im! ) - dear mak&abah, can i go back home this Thursday and just ignore ko-k class on Saturday? hoho!

2. Got deviled by an annoying guy. such a nuisance! i cant forget what he said when suddenly a trailer came across me and my friend with the foul smell of smoke (i stopped breathing and covered up my face with my book. it was spontaneous ok!)
"Ala kak, tak payahlah nak tutup-tutup hidung. bukannya mati pun. kalau mati saya tak tau la"
Hello! suka hati aku la nak tutup hidung ke, mata ke. yang ko tiba-tiba macam tak dapat oksigen tu kenapa? aku pinjam hidung ko ke? plus, ada aku hina trailer or driver tu? (note: i merely uttered those words to my self. takut! haha!)

One thing about some guys that i dont like is most of them enjoys babbling and talking nonsense as if they are making risible jokes, especially when they are loafing with their friends. but if we react mischievously (just like what they do) we might be scathed. haish how terrible it is!

3. I just realized that i am tremendously need a pair (at least) of shoes. bhahaha, i have been wearing this lovely footwear since my second semester of first year maa! ohho, Mid Valley..i really really missed you! (pssst, mak&abah allowed me to go there alone tau ~ *conditionally!! kekeke!) :p

out-of-date. mwahahaha!

4. During my ko-k class two days before, Mr Ali bin Abu [this is his real name ok. im not playing with it :)] had asked:
Mr Ali bin Abu (MAbA): "What's your majoring?"
Me: "HRM"
MAbA: Oh, that is very good! my brother is currently working under that department and now his monthly salary is RM5000++.
Me: Waah! (my mouth dropped and suddenly i saw myself driving pink colored Honda Jazz arrogantly..haha!)
MAbA: But, being a HR manager is very busy. You know, handling employees with various needs, their welfares, salaries, leave and bla bla bla.
Me: Oh...
MAbA: And you also must have good command of English. especially if you want to involve in private sector. even in government, usually the meetings are conducted in 50:50 (English and Malay).
Ma: Ahhaaa (owyeah!)

5. Last night my neighbor cum course-mate brought this rare food (to me) known as Losong from Terengganu. 


that was the first time i ate such exotic yet not-bad food and she said it was braised. wah, before this i only knew about Keropok Lekor or my mak&abah usually called it Keropok Gonde. the Losong's taste was not bad la , even though it is quite stinky (cheh, mengada-ngada! heheh!) and i strongly prefer the fried one. but the sauce is so sweet yet spicy which i often called as so sexy! bhahaha :B