Today was the very first day of my International Business tutorial. Commonly during the first class the lecturer wants us to introduce ourselves.

"Ok, i want all of you to tell everyone in this class about your name, what should we call you, where are you from, your majoring and  what are you good at"

Waah, suddenly i felt like there were so many butterflies in my stomach. "Oh no! Seems like he's gonna tag my English level next to my name. My my my!"

"Hye, my name is Nuradilah and you can just call me Adila. Im from JB and majoring at HRM (demm! should be in la! ) and (how many and daa!) i would love to share with you about my hobby which is collecting novels (what the cat? Dont have any other hobbies to tell ah?). Until now, i have already spend about 600 ringgit for my Malay novels (i could hear he's saying 'Malay? No wonder her English is such an abnormal for a university student! Mwahahaha! )

" since when you are started reading novel?"

"Erm...since form one. When i saw my friends were reading their novel while our teacher was teaching in front of the class. So i found it was very interesting and i just want to follow them" (i bet he said woooh, no wonder la..there you go!)

"Ok, but now i suggest you should read English novels or...... "

"Yeah, i have started reading Reader's Digest since two years before" (Dare to cross his words, huh!)

"Who's your favorite author anyway?"

"Aisya Sofea" (im certain he's wondering at something that he doesnt even know!) "i think, you dont know her, hehehe!"

Oh yeah, finally he nodded and laughed at me and himself too. (There you go! Bad English for me and undefined Malay author for him. Bhahaha!)

(p/s: im sure i did a very good idea when i managed to put all my novels inside a box and hide it under my bed! well, it is time for English, Adila and do remember that English is a Business language!)