1. New schedule ~ seems damn messy yet creative, huh?

2. PREPS ~ keep going on and on. No procrastination please, Miss Adila!

Leadership & Interpersonal Skill
- Interview a Leader (Next Week:Proposal)
- Presentation about an Idol
- Reflection (Whole Semester)

Employee Training and Development
- Articles and Journals

International Business
- Articles and Journals
- English Novel (Min 100 Pages)

Operations Management
- Problem Solving

Library: Due date on 28/07/2010

(Goodbye Global Management)

3. Any Ink-addict here? Perhaps it is much tasteful than drugs bro!

4. My my my. One of homesickness therapy, i guess!

5. Well, as usual - She is always craving for FOOD! But it looks much much healthier, kan? :D