gua keliru la der!

yesterday my friend told me about the mentoring programme this SUNDAY. oh snap!. actually i have already known about this matter since couple of weeks before (it has been started and at the same time i also have been able to pretend just like "oh ye ke, i dont know anything about this la!"). obviously (me and my friend) just well, ignore it for some germane reasons. germane? hell, yeah! usually when it comes to SUNDAY:

  • the alarm clock will just ring up at least after 10 a.m (eventhough since i moved here i managed to stay away from my bed after Subuh. yeay!). 
  • students have their own plan (shopping,going home-much much interesting!)
  • no bus (heading to faculty like weekdays. so students have to walk from the main entrance)
  • lazy, lol!

truly germane right? in spite of that, suddenly i questioned myself - "do i have to join the activity?" because today i bumped over the notice of the mentor as well as the mentee names. (note: there are five mentees under me, woooh!) and there are also a reminder stated "sila berpakaian sukan yang sopan-sopan (kind of)" apart from the so called "anda diwajibkan hadir"

sheeesh! what should i do huh? 

my friend said "kita memang tak datang rasanya"

then, is it ok if i just say - "so do i"