Apsal lately ni aku asyik guna perkataan first first dan first eh? ah,pedulikan! actually now i am working on my logbook for Employee Training and Development. writing about Training what i understand, one of the factors that contribute to Training Effectiveness is Managerial Support.what can a manager do is participating the training session by being as a trainer, sharing their experience, knowledge and skills as well as gives encouragement such as moral support and promises reward if the trainee shows increment on their performance after the training program.
but thing that i want to write about is moral support because suddenly it makes me figuring out my beloved lecturer.haha,sounds menipu eh.but i really do or ok la getting in love with her style.not the way she groom herself but the way she teach her students.the techniques that she has been using since years before which are different from the others.ini bukan perli woh!
but apa kena-mengena dengan first impression?lari tajuk la budak nih!ok,macam ni..the first day of my class with her,my first impression was "aduh,i will never ever belong to this class if i have another choice!".haha,that bad huh?ok,all this while the way the lecturers teach their students are like 

'ok students i give you lectures based on text book or powerpoint slides,i give you assignment so do it and submit before or on the due date' 
then we as the students merely said 'okeh!' 
back to hostel,put the textbook on the table.never touch it
and bring it to class again on the next class which means next week!
and the process is going on and on until the study week for final exam
when the day has come,just go to the exam hall 
answer the questions based on what we have memorize
when the other lecturers ask anything about what we have learned during the last semester
we, the students merely said 'ah,forgot already loh!' no more okeh!

it's kind of read,memorize and forgot.just imagine when the same situation happens during interview session.surely the interviewer will say 

"hekelleh,poor la very bad!you scored A for all of the subjects.but what kind of four flat graduate are you?you even unable to define management properly.dah,blah!"

sadis kan?but that's the reality - one of the factors that university or college graduates are not marketable in the job market.

ok,back to the first impression.during the first class,my lecturer (for 3 subjects!:Employee Training and Development, Manpower Planning and Industrial Relations) told us (seriously and fiercely even-tho she was smiling) about her teaching style:
  • always prepare yourself before attend my class! 

(she explained about the theory of bulb. malap if you are not preparing yourself,terang if you are less prepared and terang-benderang if you have prepared!)

  • i will evaluate you based on your participation in class.logbook,project.
  • journal as primary source
  • forget about get an A for this subject (subjects for me who is currently taking 3 subjects for this wonderful semester) if you are not interested in my class.go find another class(how can i do that?).drop this subject if you dont like my style.
because she is the one and only lecturer who teach those three subjects for this semester, i cant run but follow her style.roughly,it's just like the other lecturers' style-giving lectures,assignments and final exam.but what i really concern,afraid and always keep thinking about is "susahnya!how do i able to get A ah? A A A A!!" and it keeps haunting me.selalu je terbayang ekspresi muka dia yang garang dan serius time cakap tu then dari situlah my motivation hurt you know.rasa macam "ouch!first class dah macam ni?what about the whole semester?!".

that was my first impression about her.garang dan tak berperikemanusiaan.ibaratnyalah!padahal she is very nice and i know she is trying to help encourage us to give full commitment on study and make it meaningful.parent's investment on children punya education pun berbaloi la takes time for me to get used to it and the best thing is when now i am able to adapt it (even-tho macam dah terlewat je sebab less than 4 weeks to go for my final exam!'s never too late!).there's no point if you do memorize but you dont understand.ya,i strongly agree to that statement and luckily dah motivated sikit la berbanding dulu because now i understand the bright side of her mystery style.haha!

p/s:dah!aku dah lapar,nak makan sambal tempe! =)