I hope you have a good dream
I crossed by this shirt when i was rushing to catch the bus. Spontaneously i stopped and snapped this picture. Those words really fascinates me:


Yups, I do have a dream. No it's not a dream  but lots of dreams like stars in the sky. There are so many things that i wanted to have and i'm struggling for it since my diploma [even tho i just realized it after the third year of my degree]. haha nuts! but i believe, it's never too late as long as I know what I want. I asked Dr Rohayu, my mentor that i admired the most (i fell in love with her English accent, her style and everything about her!) about EXPATRIATE which is my dream job in the future. 

Me: Dr, do i have to know everything about business, economic, mathematic, finance and so on to be an expatriate? (i'm not really into finance and mathematic ok! and i would rather choose fashion and art as my career if i have to choose between them) :)

Dr Rohayu: Not really. Normally expatriates are technical people like engineers, you know. But I suggest you work for MNCs first, gain more working experience and get used to the environment and maybe one day you will be able to work with them overseas.

InsyaAllah. I look forward and sigh "there will be a very looooooooooooooooooong way to go"