It's been a long time since i posted something on my wall. well, so many things happened actually and i was like shouting on the hill truly madly deeply inside my heart. kind of exaggerating self emotion isn't it? Ha ha, whatever! 

OK my lovely blog-diary, i'll start with my majoring subjects which have been lectured by THE SAME LECTURER for the whole semester. why do i emphasizing those words? like i said before, its all about logbooks-assignments-journals-literature reviews-interviews-findings-analysis-conclusions things and they were really really ate me up! 

Ya, i admit that.. maybe they were just because of my lack-of-time-conscious and the so called procrastination habit! so i don't want to talk about that again since they hurt me like hell! He he he! But the thing is its over! Hoooreeyy! The presentations were done outstandingly [yeah, its true!except for some conclusions that me and my group member had to give some touches here and there] and guess what, the lecturer proposed me! ohho, forget about diamond ring or swarovski! it wasnt that great lah. she merely said 

"would you like to be my Research Assistant?" 

Wohooo! What did i said? "erm..i'll be on my Industrial Training" He he, what a nice excuse to get rid of her dark shadow huh? Ha ha not that bad la! After all she helped me a lot! Seriously. In spite of killing me softly from enjoying my final semester in this university, actually she taught me about life. Without her reinforcement theory [she did it every three times a week!] i think it would be difficult for me to survive in my final examination. before this my study style was 'read today for tomorrow's exam'. but after attending her class i was like 'study yesterday for today's preparation and for your future' and because of this, i was able to answer the essay questions better. *wink!

p/s: thanks Dr Norish, may Allah bless you always! :)