beberapa minggu lepas (almost two weeks) lecturer OM telah mengamanahkan kami satu tugas penting iaitu redesigning most aspect of current Minyak Gamat yang ada di pasaran.

minyak pengasih gamat

ok, as what we were understood:
  1. design a new packaging
  2. present during class
and surprisingly:

Assignment : Designing Gamat Oil Packaging
Instructions :

You and 2-3 of your partners plan to rebrand gamat oil to catch larger market, domestically and internationally. All of you, unanimously, agreed to redesign the product. Remember it is not only label, the packaging part is the most important.

By referring to the design process that you have learnt in class, redesign gamat oil following the steps.

product design process

Consider what are your inputs and outputs of the design. Review your design if necessary.

Your output should have
  1. Product final drawing/specification
  2. Estimation for product cost and selling price
  3. Include the problems that you have encountered while doing the design (at any particular stage) in your report (presentation)
You can design it on a mahjong paper (manually) or using any design software if you know.

Be as creative and innovative as you can.

DUE DATE : 11/8/2010 (to be submitted during the class)

3 best designs (and reporting) will be selected for presentation. Presentation will be done on the 18/11/2010.

hah, sape nak jawab?? hadoiii macamne la aku boleh terlepas pandang the uploaded doc yang mengandungi segala instruction tu? semalam time discussion, tak ada sorang pun tergerak nak cakap pasal ni. yang aku pulak memang kau-kau tak tau!

so, today is saturday and the submission date is next wednesday. to make things worse:
  1. we have to show the current progress of our assignments about an idol (we opted Yasmin Ahmad) and a leader (the man that we planned to interview is currently outstation. so plan B please!) - monday
  2. reflection and mind mapping - monday
  3. appointment with mentor - monday
  4. obtain signature for proposal - monday

yes, it is!

---> sheeesh, im not stress lah!